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Averroes (Ibn Rushd)

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Averroes Herbal is offering students the opportunity to learn online.

  • Our instructors are fully qualified and experienced,
  • Our curriculum is designed for absolute beginners who will by the end...
  • Qualify as practitioners thoroughly acquainted with Islamic Herbal Medicine.

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We are thoroughly experienced in the field of providing distance learning.

This section helps you get acquainted with our teachers

Hakeem Abdul RaheemHakeem Abdul Raheem

Whilst practicing herbal medicine his appreciation of alternative medicine grew, as he felt that despite modern medicine being beneficial there can be side effects. Hakeem Abdul Raheem is currently teaching Greco-Islamic herbal medicine as well as practicing it... more


Hakeem Waseem Khaliq

Hakeem Waseem Khaliq

exceeded and surpassed his teacher in the number of remedies he has created as they now number in the hundreds. His sound knowledge of the relevant herbs and plants, for any given remedy, makes him a very experienced and unmatched practising herbalist... more


stu5Hakeem Rouf Ditta

Hakeem Rouf Ditta has learned Herbal Medicine from Avicenna Academy when it offered Herbal Medicine as an online course. He extended his knowledge by engaging with another practitioner before finally deciding to pass on his knowledge to others with Averroes Herbal... more

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