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Hakeem Abdul RaheemHakeem Abdul Raheem

Hakeem Abdul Raheem started his studies at the tender age of seven and he has been studying the Islamic sciences for fifteen years and his studies continue; wal-hamdu-lillah.

Whilst studying the Islamic sciences, Hakeem Abdul Raheem also studied Herbal Medicine. He has spent a significant amount of years studying Herbal Medicine under the guidance of a number of teachers. Whilst practicing herbal medicine his appreciation of alternative medicine grew, as he felt that despite modern medicine being beneficial there can be side effects. Hakeem Abdul Raheem is currently teaching Greco-Islamic herbal medicine as well as practicing herbal medicine by supporting his patients. The Hakeem is also a holistic practitioner of cupping and understands the importance of alternative medicine.

After graduating, Hakeem Abdul Raheem has been teaching Arabic Grammar and Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) to students of the Alim Course at Avicenna academy. In addition to herbal medicine Hakeem Abdul Raheem also teaches the Islamic sciences, English Language and Literature at Avicenna Academy Secondary School. Avicenna Academy achieved outstanding results in the primary and secondary sectors culminating in it being the best schools in South Yorkshire based on behaviour and results.

Hakeem Abdul Raheem is continuing his studies in the Islamic sciences, herbal medicine as well as in secular education. He is currently studying his BA (Hons) in English Language.


Hakeem Waseem KhaliqHakeem Waseem Khaliq

Hakeem Waseem started his studies in the Herbal Medicine field with Avicenna Academy. He studied the theoretical and practical aspects making excellent progress in his knowledge and skills. As a skilled botanist with a keen eye for horticulture he has been able to develop a sound understanding of the different plants used in herbal medicine.

Hakeem Waseem started to teach with Avicenna Academy taking a lead in the practical aspects of the course. He has exceeded and surpassed his teacher in the number of remedies he has created as they now number in the hundreds. His sound knowledge of the relevant herbs and plants, for any given remedy, makes him a very experienced and unmatched practising herbalist.

Hakeem Waseem actively implements treatment plans for a number of patients and he is experienced in teaching the Herbal Medicinal sciences. We are pleased to have him on board at Averroes Herbal where we are sure he will provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities.


Hakeem Rouf DittaHakeem Rouf Ditta

Ustadh Rouf Ditta graduated from the Victoria University of Manchester, in 2004, with a degree in Artificial Intelligence (Advanced Computer Science). He had been an active member of the Manchester University ISoc management committee where he campaigned for the rights of the oppressed and engaged in dawah to his fellow Muslim and non-Muslim students. During his last final undergraduate year he felt that teaching was for him and so he applied to the University of Durham to complete a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics and Further Education. He excelled in his PGCE completing two Masters level papers. Since then he has never looked back and has been a successful teacher for 12 years.

Ustadh Rouf started his education in the herbal medicine field with Avicenna Academy. He has helped in its administration and shown a strong understanding of its theoretical frameworks and physiological concepts. He has learnt the basic text of Urjuza and attained high grades in his theoretical tests as well as applications on real world scenarios. He brings his pedagogy from a qualified teacher status into this traditional field so that students can benefit from a coherent and effective course structure that facilitates their learning.

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